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Evaluation Board - BDE-EVB07
  • BDE-EVB07

  • Evaluation board for TI CC26xx/CC13xx based BDE modules

    EVB07 is an evaluation board designed for various BDE modules which use TI CC26xx and CC13xx chips. It is basically the same as TI launch pad, except EVB07 provides a socket for BDE modules to plug in.

    Modules Supported

    - BDE-BLEM203P/ BDE-BLEM203D (CC2640R2F chip)

    - BDE-RFM204/BDE-RFM204A/BDE-RFM214/BDE-RFM214A (CC1310 chip)

    - BDE-BLEM205/BDE-BLEM215/ BDE-BLEM205-IN (CC2642R chip)

    - BDE-RFM206/BDE-RFM216 /BDE-RFM216 -IN(CC1312R chip)

    - BDE-RFM207/ BDE-RFM207-IN / BDE-RFM207P/BDE-RFM217 (CC2652R chip)

    - BDE-RFM207B (CC2652RB chip)

    - BDE-RFM208/ BDE-RFM208-IN (CC1352R chip)

    - BDE-RFM208P (CC1352P chip)


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