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Sub-1G - BDE-SG1312R7(Sub-1G Based on CC1312R7)
  • BDE-SG1312R7(Sub-1G Based on CC1312R7)


    The BDE-SG1312R7 is a multiprotocol Sub-1 GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) supporting IEEE 802.15.4g, IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN), mioty®, Wi-SUN®, proprietary systems, including the TI 15.4-Stack (Sub-1 GHz), and concurrent multiprotocol through a Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) driver. The BDE-SG1312R7 is based on an Arm® Cortex® M4F main processor and optimized for low-power wireless communication and advanced sensing in grid infrastructure, building automation, retail automation, personal electronics and medical applications. 

    The BDE-SG1312R7 has a software defined radio powered by an Arm® Cortex® M0, which allows support for multiple physical layers and RF standards. The device supports operation in 915-MHz frequency bands. PHY and frequency band switching can be done runtime through a dynamic multiprotocol manager (DMM) driver. The BDE-SG1312R7 has an efficient built-in PA that supports +14 dBm TX at 24.9 mA current consumption. In RX it has -122 dBm sensitivity and 88 dB blocking ±10 MHz in SimpleLink™ long-range mode with 2.5-kbps data rate. 

    The BDE-SG1312R7 has a low sleep current of 0.9 μA with RTC and 144KB RAM retention. In addition to the main Cortex® M4F processor, the device also has an autonomous ultra-low power Sensor Controller CPU with fast wake-up capability. As an example, the sensor controller is capable of 1-Hz ADC sampling at 1-μA system current. The BDE-SG1312R7 has Low SER (Soft Error Rate) FIT (Failure-in-time) for long operational lifetime. Always-on SRAM parity minimizes risk for corruption due to potential radiation events. Consistent with many customers’ 10 to 15 years or longer life cycle requirements.

    The module is with dimension of 22 mm x 15 mm x 2.15 mm, it has a U.FL connector for connecting an external antenna or it can be configured to use the RF pad for connecting the antenna in application board.

    Key Features
    Wireless microcontroller 
    Powerful 48-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F processor 
    704KB flash program memory 
    256KB of ROM for protocols and library functions 
    8KB of cache SRAM 
    144KB of ultra-low leakage SRAM with parity for high-reliability operation 
    Dynamic multiprotocol manager (DMM) driver 
    Programmable radio includes support for 2- (G)FSK, 4-(G)FSK, MSK, OOK, IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC 
    Supports over-the-air upgrade (OTA) 
    Ultra-low power sensor controller 
    Autonomous MCU with 4KB of SRAM 
    Sample, store, and process sensor data 
    Fast wake-up for low-power operation 
    Software defined peripherals; capacitive touch, flow meter, LCD Low power consumption 
    MCU consumption: 
    2.63 mA active mode, CoreMark 
    55 μA/MHz running CoreMark
    0.8 μA standby mode, RTC, 144KB RAM 
    0.1 μA shutdown mode, wake-up on pin • 
    Ultra low-power sensor controller consumption:
    25.2 μA in 2 MHz mode 
    701 μA in 24 MHz mode 
    Radio Consumption: 
    5.4 mA RX at 868 MHz 
    24.9 mA TX at +14 dBm at 915 MHz 
    Wireless protocol support 
    Amazon Sidewalk 
    Wireless M-Bus 
    SimpleLink™ TI 15.4-stack 
    Proprietary systems 
    High performance radio 
    -121 dBm for 2.5-kbps long-range mode 
    -110 dBm at 50 kbps, 802.15.4, 915 MHz 
    Output power up to +14 dBm with temperature compensation 
    Regulatory compliance (On-going)
    Suitable for systems targeting compliance with these standards: 
    MCU peripherals 
    Digital peripherals can be routed to any GPIO 
    Four 32-bit or eight 16-bit general-purpose timers 
    12-bit ADC, 200 kSamples/s, 8 channels 
    8-bit DAC 
    Two comparators 
    Programmable current source 
    Two UART, two SSI, I2C, I2S 
    Real-time clock (RTC) 
    Integrated temperature and battery monitor 
    Security enablers 
    AES 128- and 256-bit cryptographic accelerator 
    ECC and RSA public key hardware accelerator 
    SHA2 Accelerator (full suite up to SHA-512) 
    True random number generator (TRNG) 
    Operating range 
    On-chip buck DC/DC converter 
    1.8-V to 3.8-V single supply voltage 
    -40 to +85°C 
    -40 to +105°C (See ordering information)
    U.FL connector or RF pad 
    Small Size 
    22 mm x 15 mm x 2.15 mm
    Grid infrastructure 
    Smart Meters – electricity meter, water meter, gas meter, and heat cost allocator 
    Grid communications – wireless communications 
    EV charging infrastructure – AC charging (pile) station 
    Other alternative energy – energy harvesting 
    Building automation
    Building security systems – motion detector, door and window sensor, glass break detector, panic button, electronic smart lock and IP network camera 
    HVAC systems – thermostat, environmental sensor and HVAC controller 
    Fire safety – smoke and head detector, gas detector and fire alarm control panel 
    Retail Automation 
    Retail automation & payment applications – electronic shelf labels andportable POS terminal 
    Personal Electronics 
    RF remote controls 
    Smart Speakers and Smart Displays 
    Gaming and electronic and robotic toys 
    Wearables (non-medical) and smart trackers 
    Wireless Modules 
    Wireless third party modules including WiSUN®, Amazon Sidewalk, mioty® and multiprotocol 
    Wireless communications modules


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