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Evaluation Board - BDE-XDS110 (XDS110 Debug Probe)
  • BDE-XDS110 (XDS110 Debug Probe)

  • The BDE-XDS110 development kit debugger is a tool to program and debug Texas Instruments (TI) microcontroller, microprocessors and DSP XDS-compatible devices. The BDE-XDS110 has been designed to connect directly to split Launchpads or BDE EM (evaluation modules) via the 20-pin edge connector, however they can also be used to debug other LaunchPads and XDS-compatible devices using the XDS110 out connector.

    • Plug & play with split LaunchPad or BDE EM (evaluation module) designs using 20-pin edge connector
    • 10-pin XDS110 out connector
    • USB-C to power debugger and communicate with host computer
    • UART serial port

  • Pre: BDE-EVB07
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