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WiFi - Ultra-Low Power & Long-Range Wi-Fi HaLow Module with PA
  • Ultra-Low Power & Long-Range Wi-Fi HaLow Module with PA

  • General Description
    BDE-HWF7394PN is an ultra-low power & long-range Wi-Fi module based on IEEE 802.11ah, a new Wi-Fi standard operating in the Sub 1GHz license-exempt band, offering longer range and lower power connectivity necessary for internet of things (IoT) applications.

    The module can operate at frequency range from 860 MHz to 930 MHz for different countries/regions. Refer to Table 1 for different variants targeting at different counties.

    With a dedicated on-board RF front-end module which consists of an PA and RF switch, the module can increase the transmission power up to 26 dBm. It outputs the accurate power for each channel through the temperature sensor integrated in the SoC and calibration at the factory. On-board serial flash can be used for user application program and OTA software update and store MAC address, calibration data and information. It also can support execution in place (XIP) feature with a 16KB internal cache memory.

    Key Features 
    Full IEEE 802.11ah compatibility with enhanced performance
    1/2/4 MHz channel bandwidth, up to 15Mbps data rate
    WPA2/WPA3/WPS support
    Support transmission of standby radio frame
    Radio Frequency
    +25 dBm transmit power
    -106 dBm minimum receive sensitivity (MCS10)
    860~930 MHz frequency band by different module variants
    Main Interface
    UART and SPI support for host interface
    I2C, SPI and UART
    RF Transceiver
    Based on the industry-proven direct conversion transceiver architecture
    Includes a dedicated RF front-end module, which consists of a TX power amplifier and RF switch to control TRX
    Integrated LNA
    Integrated LDOs
    Wide supply voltage supportable with an integrated DC-DC buck converter
    Usable battery voltage range: 2.1V ~ 3.6V
    Radio calibration interfaces for digital baseband
    Internal temperature sensing and battery voltage monitoring
    Low supply current: 
    RX 16 mA @ 3.3V
    TX 530 mA @ 3.3V @ +26 dBm
    Modulation bandwidth: 1/2/4 MHz
    BUS Sub-System
    Firmware code can be stored and executed in external flash memory using XIP (execute-in-place) interface
    System Peripherals
    3 channel 32-bit timers
    1 channel 64-bit timers
    1 channel 32-bit watchdog timers
    1 channel 64-bit RTC with offset estimator
    Serial flash controller for XIP with cache (16KB cache memory)
    General Direct Memory Controller
    8 DMA channels with 2 AHB masters
    16 controls for communicating with peripherals
    Data Peripherals
    Max 20 general purpose I/Os
    1 HSPI(Host SPI) for host interface
    2 channel SPIs master/slave
    2 channel HSUARTs, up to 115200 baud rate
    2 channel I2C masters
    4 channel PWM generator
    10-bit ADC: 2ch input
    Basic features: S1G Beacon, NDP Control frame, TIM compression, unified scaling factor for max idle period/listen interval/WNM-sleep interval, STA Type, S1G baseline functions (DCF, HCF, multi-rate support, A-MPDU), and S1G BSS operation
    Network efficiency enhancements: NDP PS-Poll/PS-Poll Ack/Probe Resp., Raw avoidance, TSBTT, and differentiated EDCA parameter
    Power saving: Non-TIM operation, dynamic AID assignment and TWT
    BSS scalability (up to 8192 STAs): Multicast AID, and authentication control
    Low-cost STA/AP: EL operation, flow control
    Supports transmission of Standby Radio frame
    Full IEEE 802.11ah compatibility with enhanced performance
    Single-stream up to 15Mbps data rate
    Support 1/2/4 MHz channel with optional SGI
    Support S1G_1M, Short/Long format
    Modulation: OFDM with BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
    32KB Boot ROM
    1088KB system SRAM
    SRAM0: 512KB
    SRAM1: 320KB
    SRAM2: 192KB
    SRAM3: 16KB
    SRAM4: 48KB (Retention)
    192KB Key memory for security
    This memory could be used as additional 192KB SRAM2 in non-key memory & boot mode
    16KB cache for XIP
    This memory could be used as additional 16KB SRAM3 in non-cache & boot mode
    On-board 4Mbyte serial flash for XIP
    ANT pin for external antenna
    Dimension: 13.5 mm x 16 mm x 2.1 mm


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