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1. Account Manager
(1) Bachelor degree or above in Health Care, Medical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Electronics Engineering,Marketing or related fields;
(2) 3+ years of experiences in supply chain management or sales for electronic components of medical/health care products or human input devices;
(3) Familiar with medical/health care products (i.e. portable blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, blood oxygen monitor, heart rate monitor and  pedometer etc.) supply chain and experience on supplying electronic components/modules to the manufacturers is preferred;
(4) Familiar with human input devices (i.e. Bluetooth mouth or keyboard etc.) supply chain and experience on supplying electronic components/modules to the manufacturers is preferred;
(5) Experience on building and managing a sales team is preferred;
(6) Strong team player with good communication skill, positive attitude with a good sense of integrity and responsibility;
(7) Self-learner and willing to grow in a fast-paced environment, willing to travel.
2. Office Assistant
(1) Bachelor degree, IT related degree is preferred; At least 2 years working experience;
(2) Driver license with two years driving experience; Familiar with office admin issues;
(3) Good at office equipments and MS software, especially Word, Excel, Outlook and Power point;
(4) Good writing and reading skills in English;
(5) Self-driven, eager to learn new things and work in fast-paced environment; Able to work while having fun in an extremely ambiguous & high-pressure environment
(6) Can prioritize among multiple works; Detailed planning, time management and organizational skills.
(7) Positive attitude with a good sense of integrity and responsibility;High professional ethics standards.
3.Office Assistant and Front Desk Receptionist
(1) Associate degree or above, relative experience is preferred;
(2) Familiar with MS office tools and internet;
(3) Excellent Mandarin, excellent written and spoken English, CET-4 certificate;
(4) Good team player, positive attitude and great interpersonal and communication skills;
(5) Good professional appearance.
4. Project Application Manager

(1)  Responsible for the annual project application plan, feasibility analysis, promoting opinion, and the preparation of the company;
(2)  Coordinate and integrate company resources, participate in every link work, such as project’s initiation, declaring, examination and approval, checking and accepting; submit and keep track of the project until the completion of the project;
(3)  Collect the relevant data of the project application and approval documents, summarize and edit the application materials;
(4)  Search and collect all kinds of products’ project application information,communicate and coordinate with relevant departments;
(5)  Carry out the training about project resources reporting within the enterprise;
(6)  Keep abreast of the industry dynamics and the policy of the relevant ministries, and gather valuable industry information and policy information.

(1)  Bachelor degree or above ,major in electronics, communication, automation or related major;
(2)  2+ years of experiences in project application or outer Administrative relation;
(3)  Exellent writing, good communication, and has good public relations maintenance consciousness and good coordination management ability;
(4)  Excellent written and reading English ability, can writing materials expertly;
(5)  CET-4,or above
(6)  Healthy image
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