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Bluetooth Low Energy - BDE-BLEM203P (BT5.1)
  • BDE-BLEM203P (BT5.1)
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  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module (BT5.1)

    BDE-BLEM203P is a Bluetooth 5.0 single-mode compliant Bluetooth low energy module targeted at low power sensors and PC/Phone accessories. It supports BLE 5.0 futures, including 2Mbits and PHY coded.


    BDE-BLEM203P highly integrates Bluetooth Low Energy radio, stack, profile and applications in a SoC, without the need of using an external MCU. The module also offers flexible hardware interfaces for the sensor application.


    It enables ultra-low power connectivity and data transfer for the applications that are sensitive to power consumption, size and cost. 

    Key Features

    - Bluetooth 5.0 Single-Mode Compliant

    - Powerful ARM Cortex-M3

    - Up to 48-MHz Clock Speed

    - 275KB of Nonvolatile Memory including 128KB of In-System Programmable Flash

    - Up to 28KB of System SRAM, of Which 20KB is Ultra-Low Leakage SRAM

    - 8KB of SRAM for Cache or System RAM use

    - 2-Pin cJTAG and JTAG Debugging

    - Supports Over-The-Air Upgrade (OTA)

    - Ultra-Low Power Sensor Controller

    - 10 GPIOs

    - All Digital Peripheral Pins Can Be Routed to Any GPIO

    - Four General-Purpose Timer Modules (Eight 16-Bit or Four 32-Bit Timers, PWM Each)

    - 12-Bit ADC, 200-ksamples/s, 8-Channel Analog MUX

    - Continuous Time Comparator

    - Ultra-Low-Power Analog Comparator

    - Programmable Current Source

    - UART


    - I2C

    - I2S

    - Real-Time Clock (RTC)

    - AES-128 Security Module

    - True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

    - Support for Eight Capacitive-Sensing Buttons

    - Integrated Temperature Sensor

    - RF Performance

    - TX Power: up to 2dBm

    - RX Sensitivity: up to -96dBm

    - Communication Range: 60 meters (LOS)

    - Antenna: Integrated PCB antenna

    - Size:      16.55mm x 10.8mm x 1.5mm (Without Shielding)

                    16.55mm x 10.88 mm x 2.3mm (With Shielding)

    - Ultra Low Power Consumption:

    - Shutdown: 100nA (Wake up on External Events)

    - Standby: 1.1uA (RTC Running and RAM/CPU Retention)

    - RX Current: 5.9mA

    - TX Current @ 0dBm: 6.1mA

    - BQB, FCC, CE, RoHS compliant



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