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Bluetooth - BDE-BLEUSB201
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  • Bluetooth Low Energy USB Dongle (BT4.0)

    BDE-BLEUSB201 is a Bluetooth 4.0 single-mode compliant Bluetooth low energy USB Dongle, which connects with PC through USB port, and emulates UART COM port on Windows OS to enable data communication between PC application and Bluetooth low energy devices, such as mice and keyboards, whist bands, heart rate monitors etc.

    BDE-BLEUSB201 can also be used as a production tool for Bluetooth low energy products. With BDE’s firmware and software application, the user can easily realize custom production procedure and make basic Bluetooth test with low cost.


    - USB dongle for mice and keyboards

    - USB dongle for whist bands and other BLE peripherals

    - Production test tool

    - Industry automation usage



    Driver: ccxxxx_usb_cdc.zip

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