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  • BDE-BLEM101A
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  • Bluetooth Low Energy Transceiver Module (BT4.0)

    BDE-BLEM101A is a Bluetooth 4.0 single-mode compliant Bluetooth Low Energy RF module targeted at low power sensors and PC/Phone accessories.

    BDE-BLEM101A can be interfaced with different low power MCUs which can be integrated with BDE’s BLE stack BDSLETM, throughout Bluetooth standard HCI interface, enabling the flexible choice of the MCUs for the user. BDE have our BLE stack BDSLETM running on different platform such as 8051, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+, Cortex-M3. With BDE’s support, customers can choose suitable platform or MCU and have their own development quickly. 

    BDE-BLEM101A is Bluetooth qualified module and listed as a controller subsystem, also the module complies with FCC and CE rules, which makes it a plug-in solution for the customer applications and can highly shorten the time to market for the product. 

    With its small size factor and the flexibility, the module is the best choice for the applications that are sensitive to power consumption, size and cost.

    Key Features 

    - Bluetooth 4.0 single-mode compliant

    - Support master and slave modes

    - RF performance

    - TX power: -20dBm to +3dBm

    - RX sensitivity: -80dBm typical 

    - 1Mbps on-air data rate

    - Communication range: 50m (LOS)

    - Supply Voltage Level Detect (SVLD)

    - Integrated with small chip antenna

    - Can be interfaced with different external MCUs which can be integrated with BDE’s BLE stack BDSLETM (QDID: B020484) through SPI/UART interface

    - BQB certification

    - FCC certification, FCCID: 2ABRUBDLEM101A

    - CE certification

    - RoHS compliant

    - Ultra small form factor: 14.6 mm x 10.9 mm x 2.3 mm



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