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Multi-Protocol - BDE-RFM207B (Crystal-less Multi-Protocol Based on CC2652RB)
  • BDE-RFM207B (Crystal-less Multi-Protocol Based on CC2652RB)

  • BDE-RFM207B is a multiprotocol 2.4G wireless module targeted at low power sensors and PC/Phone accessories. It supports Thread, Zigbee, Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy, IEEE 802.15.4g, IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN), Wi-SUN, proprietary systems, SimpleLink TI 15.4-Stack (2.4 GHz), and Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) driver.

    BDE-RFM207B highly integrates radio, stack, profile and applications in a SoC, without the need of using an external MCU. The module also offers flexible hardware interfaces for the sensor application.

    It enables ultra-low power connectivity and data transfer for the applications that are sensitive to power consumption, size and cost. 

    Key Features

    - Multiprotocol, Bluetooth 5.0 low energy compliant, Zigbee, Thread

    - Powerful ARM Cortex-M4F processor

    -Clock speed: up to 48MHz

    - 352KB of In-System programmable flash

    - 80KB SRAM

    - 8KB of cache SRAM

    - 2-Pin cJTAG and JTAG debugging

    - Support Over-the-Air upgrade (OTA)

    - Ultra-Low power sensor controller with 4KB of SRAM

    - 31 GPIOs

    - 4 x 32-Bit or 8 x 16-Bit general purpose timer

    - 12-Bit ADC, 200 kSamples/s, 8 channels

    - 2 x comparator with internal reference DAC

    - Programmable current source

    - 2 x UART

    - 2 x SSI (SPI, MICROWIRE, TI)

    - IIC, IIS

    - Real-Time-Clock (RTC)

    - AES 128- and 256-bit crypto accelerator

    - ECC and RSA public key hardware accelerator

    - SHA2 accelerator (Full suite up to SHA-512)

    - True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

    - Capacitive sensing, up to 8 channels

    - Integrated temperature and battery monitor

    - On-Chip buck DC/DC converter

    - RF performance

    - TX power: Output power up to +5 dBm with temperature compensation

    - RX sensitivity: up to -105dBm (LE coded PHY)

    - Communication range: about 250 meters (LOS) – Long Range Mode

    - Antenna: PCB antenna, 1.71 dBi average gain, 2.18 dBi peak gain

    - Size: 22.95 mm x 15 mm x 2.15 mm (With Shielding)

    - Ultra low power consumption:

    - Shutdown: 150nA (Wake up on external events)

    - Standby: 0.94uA (RTC running and RAM/CPU retention)

    - RX current: 6.9mA

    - TX current @ 0dBm: 7.3mA

    - TX current @ 5dBm: 9.6mA

    - Certifications

    -FCC ID: 2ABRU-RFM207

    -IC: 25657-RFM207



    - 2400 to 2480 MHz ISM and SRD systems with down to 4 kHz of receive bandwidth

    - Building automation

    - Grid infrastructure

    - Industrial transport – asset tracking

    - Medical

    - Electronic point of sale (EPOS) – Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)



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