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Bluetooth Low Energy - BDE-BLEM301 (BT5.1)
  • BDE-BLEM301 (BT5.1)
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  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module (BT5.1)

    BDE-BLEM301 is a highly integrated Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy Module based on Dialog ultra-low power DA14531 SoC.   

    It comprises a Cortex M0+ MCU, on board Flash memory, Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy radio, a high efficiency PCB antenna, BT 5.1 stack, profiles and applications in a single module. The module can be used with or without an external MCU. It also offers flexible hardware interfaces for sensor applications. It enables ultra-low power connectivity and data transfer for the applications that are sensitive to power consumption, size and cost.

    Key Features

    ·        Bluetooth 5.1 qualified (Bluetooth DID: D050903)

    ·        FCC/CE/RoHS certification

    ·        Integrated high efficiency Antenna

    ·        Supports up to 3 BLE connections

    ·        16 MHz 32-bit Arm® Cortex® M0+

    ·        Memories: 1Mbit Flash, 48KB RAM, 144KB ROM, 32KB OTP

    ·        Rx current 2mA at 3V

    ·        Tx current 4mA at 3V at 0dBm

    ·        1.8 uA at sleep with all RAM retained

    ·        Programmable Tx power from -19dBm to +2.2 dBm

    ·        -93 dBm receiver sensitivity

    ·        Quadrature decoder with 3 channels

    ·        4 channel 11-bit ENOB ADC

    ·        2 timers with PWM capabilities

    ·        Real Time Clock

    ·        Built in temperature sensor

    ·        Interfaces: 9 GPIOs, SPI, 2xUART, I2C

    ·        Operation: 1.8V - 3.3V, -40°C to +85°C

    ·        Dimensions: 12.5x14.5x2.1 mm


    Brief: BDE-BLEM301_ProductBrief_V1.2.pdf

    Datasheet: BDE-BLEM301_DS_V1.3.pdf

    FCC Certificate and Test Report

    FCC Certificate and Test Report

    CE Attestation and Reports

    Bluetooth Declaration ID and Report

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